VET Description

  Riga Building College is a state college of higher education. The college trains specialists who upon graduation are well – qualified to take up successful job positions not only in Latvia but also abroad.
  Riga Building College has a long history which goes back to 1872. The college grew out from Riga Building Trade School which was one of the first educational establishments offering technical education in Latvia. The process of transferring from the curricula of technicians of vocational education level to curricula of applied higher education started in 2000. Today the total enrolment counts around 1000 students and a teaching staff of over 60 members. We are also proud of our more than 900 alumni. 
  Riga Building College has its own coat of arms, banner, motto and anthem. The development trend of Riga Building College is movement towards the open information society, meeting the requirements of quality assurance as well as providing a good competitive higher education.