VET Description

 n response to the expectations of primary school graduates, the marketing and management specialization based on proprietary curricula was introduced in the field of economics and organization of enterprises. The consequence of implementing implementation programs was the establishment of new schools:
Commercial High School,
4-year-old Technical education
technician of postal telecommunications and post-secondary schools.
In 2002, high schools were established:
Profiled High School No. 2
economic and administrative profile
profile information management
Technical school No. 2
occupation: economist technician
During 90 years of its activity, the school has gained a permanent place in the history of Przemyśl. Many generations of students and teachers found education and work at school. For many of them, this school has become the beginning of a scientific or managerial career.
In the 2007/2008 school year, a combination of Ecological Schools and Agribusiness was combined with the School of Economics.
From 1 January 2007, both schools function as one team, under the name of the School of Economics
them. Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński in Przemyśl at ul. Dworskiego 25.