VET Description

 Our advantages
• we teach occupations sought in the labor market
• a school with over 100 years of tradition
• we implement EU projects
• we organize domestic and foreign internships to Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria and Greece
• we have modern workrooms
• qualified teachers
• training trips to institutions and establishments
• we have a good location, easy access
• the school is adapted to the education of disabled people
• students raise their qualifications in courses organized for them, eg waiter, bartending

The school is an annual organizer of the regional stage of the "Olimpiady Wiedzy o Nutrycja i Żywności". The school complex consists of three buildings: the main school building, the professional studio and the dormitory.
The school has:
• modern laboratories (analysis, microbiology)
• specialist laboratories: catering, pastry and bakery
• 2 math laboratories with interactive boards
• modern computer rooms with free internet access
• studio / photo studio
• "Simulation company" - a computerized workshop for economic subjects
• library with a rich book collection
• reading room with professional literature
• School Work Club
• gyms and gyms
• dental office and school hygienist
• small grocery store
• dairy museum
• boarding