VET Description

 Vision of the School Complex of the Agricultural Education Center W. Witos in Leśna Podlaska

A. Our school is friendly to students
- creates opportunities for emotional and intellectual development;
- shapes the attitude of a man guided by moral principles in life, caring for personal culture;
- takes care of respect for national and regional traditions, and at the same time is open to modernity;
- teaches respect for the common good and shapes interpersonal skills;
- confirms that you can and even develop your own interests and abilities
- is open to cooperation with parents and the local community
B. Our school cares for the professional development of the teaching staff
- in the implementation of teaching programs, teachers use modern, activating teaching methods;
- teachers use the skills related to cross-curricular integration and have an effective skills-education workshop;
- the pedagogical staff has the skills to work together to create an attractive educational offer;
- Pedagogical Council undertakes permanent activities related to the programming of school development (permanent transformation of the organization's concept - adaptation of the educational offer to the recognized educational needs of the environment)
C. School Complex Center for Agricultural Education Wincenty Witos in Leśna Podlaska is modernly administered

School mission

We are a school where the student:
1. acquires knowledge and skills in the profession of his choice and for further education;
2. is preparing for:
- conscious and responsible decision about yourself,
- care for your health,
- using sources of information,
- living in a united Europe,
- performing social roles in accordance with generally accepted standards in society;
3. learn to creatively solve problems and communicate effectively;
4. awakens his sensitivity to the good, tolerance and beauty of the surrounding world;
5. he believes in his own abilities, which will allow him to find his place in life;
6. in a friendly atmosphere he will develop his own personality and passions.