VET Description

Riga Vocational School offers paid Computer Courses and Welding Courses, which take place at Educational and Examination Welding Center(Metinātāju mācību un eksaminācijas centrā)   (MMEC).

Riga vocational School Nr.3 was established in April 1946 under the initial name „Riga Vocational School Nr. 12”.

This school was established in order to provide qualified workers fot Riga Wag Plant in the following professions: turner, metalworker, blacksmith, molder, carpenter. In September of 1955 the school was transformed in Riga Technical School Nr.3. In 1956 the educational basis was developed and training for projectionists was started and continued untill 1991.  In 1956 professional training for the profession of welder was started.  In 1963 the school was transformed into Professional Technical School Nr. 8.

In 1966 the school restored its name of Riga Technical School Nr.3. In this year professional training for the profession of drawer-designer started and continued untill 1985. In 1980 professional training for the profession of cartographer-topographer, which in 1993 was transformed into profession of land surveyor, was started. In 1984 the school was transformed into Riga Professional Technical School Nr.3. In 1989 the school was transformed into Riga Vocational School Nr.3.  In 1990 a new educational program for the profession of metal worker was developed and put into practice.

In 1993 the school got its present name – Riga Vocational School Nr. 3. In 1994 creation of  Educational and Examination Welding Center  was started in Riga Vocational School Nr. 3 by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Rebublic of Latvia. Beginning from 2000 the center has been expanded and its branches have been opened in Latvia. In 1994 cooperation with State Employment Agency regarding retraining of the unemployed was started.

Beginning from 1989 the school has been administered by  Voldemārs Leitāns – a  Director  with higher professional qualification and master degree  in pedagogics.  Telephone: 67288561.