Service description

Types of Services that can be provided:
- Check and prepare the conditions of use and cleaning of equipment and utensils used in the restaurant and bar service;
- Arranging the dining room and the preparation of tableware equipment and utensils, according to the characteristics of the service to be performed;
- Accept and serve customers, making the service of entrances, main courses, desserts and other foods and the service of appetizers, water, wine, coffee and other drinks in collaboration with other sections;
- Carry out the bar service, serving customers at the table and at the counter and serving simple or compound drinks and small meals;
- Carry out table and bar service in special situations
- Establish service and animation strategies based on the information gathered on the characteristics of the clients and the type of service to be provided;
- Execute the different services of cafeteria, glass, table (English, French, American and Russian) and bar (direct, indirect and mixed);
- Attend groups in buffet services, banquets, cocktails, farewell parties, ports of honor, etc .;
- Prepare and execute the wine service;
- Prepare and execute the kitchen service room (flaming, crack, peeling, among others.);
- Collaborate in the elaboration of restaurant, bar and wine charts;
- Provide tourist information and suggestions on the locality, the region, the composition and methods of confection of the various delicacies and on the drinks; - Search for new techniques and trends in table and bar.